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Shiny, Luscious Milk Chocolate Bar from Nunu Chocolates at Mad.Sq.Eats.

I’ve promised them some tasty treats too. Sadly, as I am not checking a suitcase, I can’t take the preserves and pickles I’d normally bring (pesky 3 oz. rule). But I am taking chocolate, purple potato chips, and hopefully some maple syrup candy too. I will try very hard not to eat them on the plane.

James and I visited Mad.Sq.Eats. (that’s Madison Square Eats) yesterday to visit our old friends at Nunu Chocolates for some of Brooklyn’s own handmade delights. We picked up a box of their incredible salt caramels for Mom and one to share. I still remember the very first Nunu salt caramel that I ever had – it was at the Old Can Factory Market in the summer of 2009, and, clearly, it was memorable. I had to get a box of the Beer chocolates as well. Nunu is serving up several microbrews at Mad.Sq.Eats, and these chocolates are the perfect accompaniment.

And because James isn’t coming with me this time, I got him a bar of Nunu milk chocolate. Thankfully, he shared! It was truly luscious. I am a milk chocolate kind of gal, and I admit that it can be less complex and deeply flavorful than its dark chocolate counterparts. But the Nunu bar puts those concerns to rest. This bar is rich and creamy and melts in your mouth. And it is filled with complicated, lovely notes of sweetness and florals, with a gentle, sort of sideways and pleasing bitter note that gives it more of an adult air.

And speaking of adult airs, or should I say heirs, many congratulations to Justine and Andy on their new baby bonbon!

Visit Nunu Chocolates and twenty-eight other fantastic food vendors at Mad.Sq.Eats. food market, open 7 days a week from 11AM –  9PM through October 19th, in Worth Square on the west side of Madison Square Park between Fifth Avenue and Broadway, and 24th and 25th Streets.


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