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Shop for the Next Design Trends at SUPER!market

SUPER!market opened late last fall, and it has proven to be a wonderful design destination. I feel like I’m the first to know about the most amazing new trends in jewelry, fashion and design in general when I visit this market.  They also feature artisanal food purveyors (food needs to be designed too!), and other unique lines, including travel accessories and all-natural cleaning supplies.

I love that the designers are right there, ready to help you find what you’re looking for and offer the story behind each item in their displays. On Friday afternoons, SUPER!market posts the list of designers who will be at the market on Saturday.  So you can find who you’re looking for in advance, or just come to the market, explore, and enjoy.

The photo galleries above and below feature some of my favorite designers from SUPER!market:

Gallery 1:

  1. Box 185 – Fantastic feathered accessories and sexy, rock-n-roll fashion designs.

  2. Jessy’s Pastries – Traditional and not-so-traditional Peruvian Aljafores, buttery and mouthwatering.

  3. GoLLy NYC – T-shirts with appliques of your favorite pop-culture images. I pity the fool who doesn’t go get a Mr. T shirt today.

  4. Cheryl Johnston – Cheryl’s draping, handmade dresses and tops are incredibly flattering.

  5. Virginie Millefiori – I just can’t pick a favorite from Virginie’s sweet, whimsical, breezy jewelry designs, but my mom loves hot air balloons, and the pendant in the photo reminds me of her.

Gallery 2:

  1. New York Couture – Yup, it’s a hamburger dress! You have to see these awesome designs for yourself. Katy Perry has worn a lot of New York Couture dresses on stage! And I can’t wait to see the 2012 collection, which comes out on March 20th!!

  2. Liane By Design Jewelry – Liane’s crocheted jewelry just blows me away with its fine stitches, pearls and sparkly, colorful crystals. Absolutely lovely.

  3. Solé Arts – Solé Arts has a collection of jewelry made from watch parts, like this Cicada Watch Face Ring, and another collection made with pieces of New York City stop light lenses. So unique!

  4. Hudson+Bleecker – If you travel, you will understand just how awesome these travel accessories are. Can you imagine your suitcase still being fully organized after even one day? Now you can with these beautiful pieces.

I even love the venue, which is a well-used gymnasium in the Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Mulberry Street. The dinginess of the space is actually a perfect backdrop for the designers’ products, the beauty against the grit.

The market is set up to feel airy and breathable, not cramped or in straight aisles.  So you can circulate and wander amongst all the different mini-boutiques. I encourage you to spend some time doing just that and looking carefully at the products to appreciate them more. As I always say, every person and every product in this market has a story. [nggallery id=125]


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