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SHWICK: Bushwick Has A Great New Indoor Market

Late in the summer, I saw flyers all over Williamsburg for a new market opening up in Bushwick. I knew the organizers were on the ball when I kept seeing information and previews of their new market, SHWICK.  So I was ready for Opening Day in mid-October.

SHWICK is a mix of local artisans, vintage vendors and food purveyors, and even a farmstand in season. I was impressed with the great variety, and many of them are makers I’ve never met before. To me, that is a sign that SHWICK is tapping into a new community of creative entrepreneurs, and that is exciting.

The vendor list has kept growing, and there are some new vendors each weekend. I wanted to share some of the makers that caught my eye that first weekend to give you an idea of what the market looks like and the kinds of things you can expect to find there.

It is a large but cozy space located on a dead-end street in Bushwick. Market managers Jinyen and Chris Carew, whom you may know from their Chalkboard Tees, have created a great environment for shopping, snacking and meeting new people. There are twinkly lights and really great music. Going forward there may be opportunities for events that expand out into the street and the back yard of the building.

Fashion and lingerie Designer Althea Gaskin Feurich of Gaskin Feurich Designs showed me the luxurious, soft boy shorts, camisoles, slips, nighties and robes that she had at the market. She is a well-known and accomplished designer, and it was a treat to meet her in person. Especially when she shared her sketch book with me.

Silk Satin Boy Shorts by Gaskin Feurich Designs

Fashion Designer Althea Gaskin Feurich showed me her beautiful sketch book

Surrealist Wall Clocks are laminated faces of celebrities with a working clock mounted through one eye. The Dalai Lama clock, Elizabeth Taylor, Miley Cyrus – pick from dozens of people you’d want to see on an hourly basis.

Who doesn’t need a Dalai Lama Wall Clock?

Surrealist Wall Clocks at SHWICK Market

Cromwell Jewelry creates super stylish, handmade earrings. Some feature chains with colorful ribbons woven through the links. Other pieces feature metallic links, also interwoven. You really have to touch them and try them on to appreciate the colors, textures and handmade details of each design.

Cromwell Jewelry Statement Necklace

Cromwell Jewelry’s colorful bracelets at SHWICK

Rachel Mae’s Farm Stand was there on opening weekend with her own produce, flowers, apple cider donuts, hot soups, lemonade – pretty much everything you want for a healthy snack or a wonderful meal at home. She runs a CSA and brings fresh local produce and eggs into the city from local farmers on Long Island. I loved chatting with her because she loves what she does.

Meet Rachel Mae who runs her own farm stand

Rachel Mae’s Farmstand Offerings

CorkBuds is a simple, beautiful and natural product: recycled corks as planters. Amanda Newman makes each one by hand, and she carefully selects each succulent and air plant (bromeliad) that she places in each cork. CorkBuds have strong, tiny magnets on them too, so you can create an entire garden on your tiny refrigerator. She is opening her shop this week at the Union Square Holiday Market.

CorkBuds are the perfect gift for city people

Amanda Wilson Styling with CorkBuds

From Black Lamb BK, I found a collection of spot-on handmade greeting cards. Rachele Rouquie makes a card for pretty much any person and any occasion, with no small dose of irony (see the New York cockroach below). In addition to her wit, Rachele is a very talented craftsperson and designer. She also designs killer t-shirts.

Witty Handmade Greeting Cards Black Lamb BK

This card is the perfect love letter – by Black Lamb BK

SHWICK Market‘s indoor venue is open 7 days a week for the holidays! So stop by any time for some unique and clever gifts. 11AM – 7PM, 6 Charles Place, Bushwick, Brooklyn.

SHWICK – The New Market in Bushwick, Brooklyn

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