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South Street Story: A Documentary About Preservation and Change

Click to watch "South Street Story"

Click to watch “South Street Story”

I am thrilled to share this wonderful short-form documentary film about the old Fulton Fish Market, South Street Story.

Canadian Filmmaker Tony Rammos wrote, produced, directed and edited the video, which has been featured on the World Fishing Network as a segment on their journalistic news program, World Fishing Journal. I recently met Tony when he contacted me for images of the New Amsterdam Market, which I was happy to share, especially if this film contributes in any way to preserve the South Street Seaport. I am certain it will.

Tony has been in the television industry for over 15 years, mostly focusing on independent short films and documentaries these days. This video shares a rich history around the conflict of change and preservation in this fascinating part of the city.

Watch it, enjoy it and please share it!

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

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