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Sweet Green Pixie – My First Find at the Brooklyn Flea

Kelsi Vintage Pixie Green Hat

I was watering my orchids today, and I said hello to my sweet green pixie, who happens to be the very first thing I ever bought at the Brooklyn Flea.

It was a sunny day under the Brooklyn Bridge, and I met a vintage dealer named Kelsi. I’m not sure if she’s still at the Flea or even still in the business. (If anyone knows, please tell me.)  She had a killer collection of clothes, luggage and decorative items from the 1960’s and ’70’s. I remember a denim jump suit that was quite tempting, and a seventieslicious harvest gold suitcase.

I was doing research for my guidebook, and so I wasn’t really shopping. Then I spotted this sweet little lady with a cute green cap. Her feet had broken off and been reattached with way too much gloppy glue. But she was still beautiful, only five bucks, and small enough to nestle into my bag so that I could carry on with my interviews and photography.

That was several years ago, and she still makes me happy. There are no markings on her, so I don’t know anything about where she came from. She keeps an eye on my orchids, and that’s all she needs to do.

Sometimes at a flea market, you spot something you never knew you needed. Like a little pixie in a cute green cap.

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Green Pixie Brooklyn Flea


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