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The Art of Creating a Holiday Market Booth with Saskia de Vries

As you stroll through the holiday markets you’ll find that some booths immediately catch your eye.  More than ever, the market sellers are putting a great amount of thought and effort into creating unique finishings and furnishings in their booths. One of my very favorites is Saskia De Vries Designs at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market because it reminds me of the amazing experience I had in the Ecuadoran Amazon. I wanted to know more about Saskia’s warm and inviting booth. Here is her story:

As you may know, my husband Scott and I traveled for 11 months across Asia and the South Pacific several years ago during a year off before getting married and moving to NY from DC. In that time we  visited 13 countries we’d never seen and had interactions with dozens of fascinating people. One of the strongest impressions I was left with was the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world and the wonderful ways that humans interact with it. I was also deeply touched by the people we met and the cultures we were introduced to. I think I draw much of my jewelry esthetic from this interplay of human and nature, rustic and refined.

My booth at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market was a co-design between me and Scott’s brother Michael Kerns, who is a set builder and designer. I talked with him about the style I was going for and the feel I wanted to evoke for my pieces. I drew a few rough sketches and gave him pictures of store displays I was drawn to. Together we came up with something that I think pulls the viewer into a different world: one just a little more laid back and exotic. The tree trunks as hooks for necklaces especially creates a cozy atmosphere with an unexpected touch. The wooden busts come from Indonesia and their dark wood furthers the romantic and rustic feel I’d hoped for. This year, our second at Columbus Circle,  we added a few final touches, like a backlit sign, a hinged door and hooks for our coats, that really make it feel like home.

My husband Scott was the production manager and added some of his own suggestions, and together we built SdV Designs‘ first store front. To me the final result is a booth that is both out of the ordinary and homey. It’s a place I look forward to visiting every day in December.

You can go see Saskia and the SdV Designs booth for yourself through December 24th at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market! [singlepic id=1266 w=200 h=160 float=left] [singlepic id=1267 w=200 h=160 float=left]There are several other standout booths for me this year.  One is  Elements/Jill Schwartz in the Jingle Market, which feels like a rustic wonderland full of jewelry, artifacts, and other treasures.  Lauren Wimmer Jewelry has a lovely booth at the Grand Central Holiday Market that that feels like a modern Victorian sitting room, with glass pyramids, animal skulls, wooden statues, and other bits of nature enhancing her fine jewelry displays.

Do you have a favorite market booth this year?  I’d love to know which ones caught your eye!


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