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The Blue Bird of Happiness: A True New York Story

This is a true story about a bluebird and how it flew from New York to its new home in South Carolina.

Several weeks ago, one of my readers left this comment on my About page:

Karen, Please help me! I happened on your website after searching for a vendor that I saw at the market last weekend. My son and I were at the market on Pier 17 Sunday July 29. A vendor had the most beautiful copper bird bracelets; however, she was closing up before I could make it back to her to purchase one. I wanted to purchase one as a memento of our New York trip….my first time ever!! I have been trying to find her. Is there any way that you could possibly help? Thanks so much! Antone

Using my brilliant powers of deduction, I concluded that there was only one possible market: the Fulton Stall Market. I continued to deduce that the main jewelry designer there is Urbanrose. So I went to the website but did not find any bird bracelets. Knowing that Urbanrose has many designs in the market that may not be featured on the website, I sent the link to Antone to see if the style at least looked familiar. Sure enough, we had a match. I sent an email introduction to Rosemarie Ferrara, the owner and designer behind Urbanrose and Antone, hoping to find a bluebird along the way.

Sure enough, I received the following message today:

Karen, I received my bracelet and absolutely love it!! Thank you again for your help! Antone

This is one of many stories that continue to warm my heart and encourage me to keep on writing about the wonders of the markets of New York City. If you have any more mysteries that need solving, let me know. I’m on a roll.

Image Credit: Urbanrose

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