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The Market at the End of the World – BKCC’s Shop the Arch

If the world ended today, I figured a) I might as well go strolling through a lovely market with James, and b) if I’m underneath a huge concrete archway tucked in a corner of Brooklyn, maybe all the fuss would simply pass us by.  Fortunately, at least in my book, the world is still here.  And happily, Brooklyn Craft Central’s Shop the Arch was a wonderful market in a groovy, airy, rain-proof location under the Manhattan Bridge.

I could tell you lots of stories of wonderful people we met, the beautiful birthday gifts we found for our sisters, and the delicious taco from Hermelinda Tacos that I had for lunch.  However, this market was so visually unique, and the light was so remarkable, that I thought I’d just show you what it was like in this BKCC Shop the Arch Slide Show:

The talented artisans featured in this slideshow are, in order of appearance:

  1. Astor Knot –  Appliqued Totebags

  2. Chop Shop – T-Shirt Designs

  3. Metropolis Soaps – Soaps, Creams, and More

  4. Annabuilt – Jewelry and Sculpture from Recycled Tins

  5. Sourpus Pickles – Pickled Vegetables of All Kinds

  6. The Chocolate Swirl – Mini-Cupcakes, Truffles, and Brownie Pops

  7. McFlashpants – Jewelry Made from Vintage Cutlery

  8. Rocks & Salt – Handmade Hats, Skirts, and Bags

  9. Twitch & Whiskers – Jewelry Made from Vintage Obects Including Thimbles and Wooden Nickels

  10. Grace Napoleon’s Folk Couture – Clothes Made from Clothes and Now Furniture Too

  11. Lauren Blais Jewelry Design – Jewelry Design

  12. Filomena DeMarco Jewelry – Jewelry Design

  13. Vaya Bags – Messenger Bags and Accessories Made from Upcycled Bike Tire Tubes and Sails


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