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There’s A Giant Pink Squid Under the Christmas Tree

What happens when artisans sell their creations at the markets or pack them up and ship them to all corners of the world for the holidays?  They never get to see where their handiwork ends up or who opened the packages on Christmas morning.  After talking to artisans at the holiday markets recently about this subject, I decided to show them where the gifts I bought ended up.

We spend the holidays with my husband James’ family, and I can honestly say that every single gift from a New York City market was received with much happiness.  One particularly special piece was placed at the top of the tree.

I picked out Squidfire’s hot pink giant squid T-shirt for myself, and James wrapped it up for me.  I loved the way it glowered up from underneath the tree.  Dainty earrings made by Martin Lopez at AdornmentsNYC from vintage beads and findings got placed immediately in my sister-in-law Judy’s ears.  They make a faint hypnotic jingle for her ears only.  She also adored the tiny sandalwood candle in a gold pressed glass vase from Lovely Day Designs.

For my nephew, I chose one of my favorite T-shirts to add it to his growing collection of Gnome Enterprises designs.  It’s the one where the tree gets its revenge on the lumberjack.  My lucky husband got the fluffy black sweatshirt from Fleisher’s Grassfed Organic Meats that says, “Bacon: The Gateway Meat.”  It’s a classic.

James made all the holiday cookies this year. (Tip: He added bergamot oil to the icing – amazing!) Anyway, he burned his hand several times taking them out of the oven using our pitiful oven mitts.  So I gave him a gorgeous handmade oven rack pull from Meb’s Kitchenwares.  It’s in the shape of a fish, and it was a bit of a mystery to everyone until I explained what it was.  They all agreed it was brilliant.

Speaking of brilliant, the crayon apron from Pickleboots was the runaway winner with my two-year-old niece, although the pink handbag with a furry mouse in the pocket got a lot of love too.

And finally, there were two piéces de resistance for my brother-in-law Thom.  The four of us recently went on vacation to Paris.  All Thom wanted was unusual French salts, but he didn’t get any.  So when we saw this beautiful collection of salts from Gneiss Spices at the Brooklyn Lyceum, we thought of him.  The cute jars are magnetic, and you can store the salts (3 of which are French, and 2 of which are pink) on your fridge.

We also gave Thom a beautiful sign from Yee Haw Industries that says, “Carve that Possum.”  He placed it at the top of the tree.  We’ll frame it for his workshop after the holidays.

This New Year’s Eve brings us a full moon, a blue moon, a partial lunar eclipse!  A lot of great things are going to happen with the Markets of New York blog in the new year, and I am already excited about the book’s release in June.  Visit often!

Have a safe and happy new year.  And don’t forget to look up!

Place of Honor (Yee Haw Industries)

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