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There’s an App for That Market

Five minutes into the demo of the Here. App, by Apparently, Inc., I knew the app would be incredibly relevant for the markets in New York City and beyond.

The Apparently, Inc. was looking to test pilot it in the holiday markets, and so I made some introductions. And I am happy to report that the Here app is live at the Union Square and Columbus Circle Holiday Markets, and the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park! You can download it to your iPhone, and it will give you deals, directories, maps and events. But you have to be inside the markets to see all the information.

The app is designed to serve any kind of business with multiple vendors or departments, like malls, department stores, state fairs, and even events. The main innovation is that it is location based, meaning that you have to be physically inside the enabled venue, like the holiday markets, to see the detailed information. When you are outside the venue, the app provides just enough summary information to give you a reason to go there.

The app is a cost-effective way for businesses, parks, markets, or any kind of venue, to have their own app without having to invest thousands of dollars in making it themselves. It is also a way to minimize app clutter on your iPhone, with one app for many different locations.

As a market shopper, I have been using the app’s directories to find vendors and gift ideas. The deals are great for shoppers and also for vendors who are attracting new customers. Hopefully, the vendors will continue to post offers to promote their discounts and specials. Right now the Here app is being piloted in the markets for the iPhone only, but it will be available for all mobile devices in the future.

My hope is hope that apps like Here will help attract even more people to the markets throughout the city so that Markets of New York City can continue to provide relevant ideas, tools and information for my fellow market enthusiasts.

Download the Here App for free to your iPhone and fire it up when you get to Union Square, Columbus Circle or Bryant Park. See how it changes your experience, as the app says, Right Now, Right Here.

(Photos from Apparently, Inc.)



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