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Two Fleas Grow in Williamsburg

A lot of people asked me what I thought of the Brooklyn Flea moving to Williamsburg, just steps away from the new location for Artists & Fleas.  In my experience, several markets in close proximity to each other pretty much always thrive and benefit from the increased number of visitors.  For shoppers, it’s fun  to be able to visit several different markets in easy walking distance from each other.  So I am looking forward to the warmer weather and the throngs of fans of each market cross pollinating the two.  I urge everyone to migrate over to the Meeker Avenue Flea Market as well for more vintage furnishings.

The new location for the Artists & Fleas market feels like they found a new, better, comfy home for their local vintage and artisan vendors.  It’s just a great space, and I thought the lighting was perfect.  Then I looked up and saw that the bright light was actually from the full sun shining through multiple skylights.  The market vendors can keep their tables and products in place during the week, and so they each have created distinct looks and displays in their booths, making the market a jewel box of tiny handmade and vintage gems.  I’ll post about several of the fantastic artisans there soon, but I have to say that the guaco taco I had from the Brooklyn Taco Company was delicious, healthy, and satisfying.  And if you’re looking for Mexican Coca-Cola, which is sweetened with sugar rather than corn syrup, the Brooklyn Taco Co. has a bottle for you at Artists & Fleas.

The Brooklyn Flea’s latest location on the waterfront in Williamsburg is wide, open, and welcoming.  It’s been a bit breezy, but it’s a great location with all of the charms and quirky hallmarks of this market.  I went on opening day two weekends ago and everyone seemed quite at home in the new location.  In addition to rows and rows of tents teeming with flea finds, vintage treasures, and handmade clothing, accessories and more, the famous food vendors were out in full force with loads of people waiting in line for a delicious, artisanal nosh.

Featured in the photos below:

  1. Olde Good Things (pink elephant)

  2. Organic Blossoms (tiny terrarium graveyard)

  3. Park Delicatessen (skateboards, flowers, dry goods)

  4. She Hit Pause Studios (Polaroid photo images)

I have to say it was wonderful to run into a friend from Washington, DC in the crowd!  Wendy McAllister is the author of Crave DC, a “unique and stylish guidebook for DC living.”  Follow her on Twitter @CraveDC!  Congratulations on your awesome book, Wendy! [nggallery id=78]


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