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Veggies in the City with Channery Hill Farm CSA

Jen McGlashan and her family run Channery Hill Farm in Calicoon Center, New York.  It is one of those mythological, family-owned farms where hard work, an enormous commitment, and a gigantic sense of humor produce delicious, organically grown, healthy vegetables, eggs, and so much more.

You may know Jen from her jewelry design company, McFlashpants.  She periodically sells her creations in the artisan markets around the city. Her talents in turning vintage cutlery into wonderful, whimsical jewelry are just the tip of the iceberg.

Last Thursday I met up with my friend and talented market organizer Deb Klein of Brooklyn Craft Central, and we went to pick up her weekly CSA delivery from Channery Hill Farm in Chelsea.

The tasty haul for the week included tender mesclun salad, curly scapes, two dozen Araucanian eggs, sweet baby carrots, and beets.  Jen also makes jars of hot sauce, zucchini ketchup, and an inspired variety of other edible treasures from the week’s bumper crops.

The thing I love about the Channery Hill CSA is that Jen understands portions that are appropriate for city apartments.  I belonged to a CSA in Washington, DC, and it was impossible to use everything they sent us each week.  It became a serious guilt trip every week over tossing the produce I couldn’t possibly finish or give away.  I felt more like a dumping ground for too many zucchini and gourds than a CSA customer.  Jen brings you an ample amount of food that a mere city dwelling mortal can actually finish or share with neighbors.  She also offers a half share, which is even more suitable for people who want to eat well but never cook.

The other wonderful thing is that all Channery Hill CSA members receive a gorgeous, handmade market bag.  And not just your regular tote.  These are shoulder bags that transform into backpacks, and they are made of vintage fabrics in amazing colors and designs.  As I mentioned above, Jen’s talents run deep.

The season has started, but Jen is still taking on a limited number of new CSA customers.  Visit the Channery Hill Farm on Facebook or contact Jen directly at for details!  She also hosts artists and retreats, as well as school visits to the farm.  I guarantee you’ll love spending time with her, even if it’s just the few minutes picking up your weekly spread.

Channery Hill Farm CSA prices for the season are:

  1. Half Share $390

  2. Whole Share $600

  3. Double Share $1100.


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