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Video Blog: ANGeLRoX: 1001 Ways to Style and Comfort

Roxi Suger of ANGeLRoX is an incredibly talented clothing designer, and she is bursting with creative energy.  What I love about her designs is that each one has literally 1001 different uses, as you’ll see in this video blog!  Roxi has thought of most of the techniques, but her customers are always surprising her with new ways to wrap or scrunch or stretch ANGeLRoX garments.  Roxi uses eco-friendly fabrics, and she is a Riverkeeper Business Partner too!  See?  I told you she was awesome.

You can find ANGeLRoX products at fine boutiques around the country, plus the Netherlands, Canada and Norway.  Here in New York we have the true luxury of meeting Roxi in person at the markets!  She is often out on the corner of Houston and Sullivan Streets, at the St. Anthony’s Market in Soho.


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