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VIDEO: Farm Fresh Creamline Gelato

I was wandering through the Union Square Greenmarket at lunchtime today, and I saw a sign for gelato!

I love buying wonderful ingredients from our farmers, but sometimes it’s nice to find something you don’t need to prepare. You can spoon cold creamy gelato directly into your mouth.

So I stopped and asked Rose Hubbert of Back to the Future Farm to tell us about her new Ole’ Mother Hubbert Creamline Gelato, and she was happy to do so!

Go get a tub or two – or three – of gelato on Mondays and Fridays in Union Square. Today’s flavors included:

  1. Fresh Lemon Basil

  2. Rose Petal Raspberry

  3. Cool Mint Stracciatella

  4. Decadent Chocolate

  5. Wild Berry White Chocolate Cheese Cake

  6. Sea Salt Caramel

  7. Strawberry

Rose sold out quickly today, so make sure you stop by early to get your tub of farm fresh Ole’ Mother Hubbert’s Gelato!

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

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