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Video of the Day: Clothing Designer Catherine Joseph at the One of a Kind Show

I went to the One of Kind Show and Sale in New York City this weekend and saw some fabulous design.   I’m always enthusiastic about design and all things handmade, so trust me when I say that this show is a wealth of riches.   I found my husband’s favorite clothing designer there, Catherine Joseph.  She designs clothing for men in sumptuous, rich fabrics, including an updated, slimmer version of her very popular men’s shirt, which comes in check cashmere, Scottish lambswool, herringbone Donegal, and more.  At the show, she is featuring her new one-of-a-kind women’s coats as well — warm, draping garments with extremely subtle, fine segments of small patches beautifully matched and masterfully stitched. Her wool and silk satin scarves are the perfect gift for men and women.  Enjoy this video interview with Catherine as she shows us her designs and as I master my new video camera!

Check out Catherine Joseph and 200 others, all wonderful, all unique.  Thursday through Sunday at the One of a Kind Show and Sale!


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