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Video of the Week: Windows of Agate and The {NewNew}

You may have noticed my project on to add video to this site.  The project is starting to gain momentum, and so I wanted to give you a preview of the kinds of video features we are planning to do a lot more of with the video equipment.  So last weekend, we took the ferry to Governor’s Island to see The {NewNew}’s Treasure Chest boutique one last time.  We shot this bit of video with our regular still-photography camera (Panasonic GF1).  It was great fun, and I can’t wait to see what we can do with an actual video camera!

The {NewNew}’s Treasure Chest was held in an historical home on Governor’s Island transformed into a handmade wonderland.  I wanted to document this shop and show it to you in case you didn’t get a chance to visit in person.  We were fortunate to find the talented Karina Glaser, the artisan behind Windows of Agate, a line of soft and fun children’s toys.  She agreed to be our first video story, and I’m so happy she did.  Have a look!

The {NewNew]’s Treasure Chest boutique is closed for the season.  Hopefully they’ll be back next summer.  The great news is that you can find these artisans and their treasures at the markets and other events all during the year.  The {NewNew} is an association of 250 artisans from the New York area who sell their work in the markets, on, and in other related events during the year. Check out their website for events and updates.

Please support our project so that we can start having even more fun with our videos!  And please share the link!


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