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Weekend Market Picks November 5-6 + Sohung Designs at ID Pop Shop

The ID Pop Shop runs every day through November 27 and features 18 of New York’s fine emerging designers in fashion, jewelry, accessories, and bath and body products.  They’re giving away American Express Gift Cards every weekend, so follow ID Pop Shop on Facebook and win!

And now for this weekend’s Market Picks!

Saturday and Sunday, November 5 & 6:

ID Pop Shop: As I mentioned above, this market is just lovely.  It’s like walking into an amazing boutique full of amazing objects, from sumptuous creams and room sprays, to cool leather wallets, and some of the most riveting fashion designers on the scene.  Runs through November 27, 2011 inside Chelsea Market, towards the 10th Avenue entrance.

Chelsea Market:  While you’re heading to the Pop Shop, you must spend time strolling and noshing your way through Chelsea Market.  The crowds get a little wild on the weekends, but you can stop for warm breads fresh out of the ovens at Amy’s Bread, or hot cocoa at Ronnybrook Farm Dairy’s Milk Bar, or a delicious fresh crepe from Bar Suzette.

The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park:  They’re open!  I haven’t been there yet this year, but trust me – it is not too early to get into the holiday spirit once you’ve entered the holiday wonderland in beautiful Bryant Park.  The crystal vendor shops, the fun ice rink, and the seasonal Celsius Wine Bar will jump start your season!

Saturday Only

Super!market:  This market features a core selection of outstanding emerging designers.  They’re hosting over 25 designers in the gym of the Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Nolita.  It’s warm and indoors, so you can browse at every single booth and try on the handmade designerclothing for men and women.  Super!market is an exciting new addition to the market scene!

Good luck and fair weather to everyone running in the Marathon!  That means you, Rachael Grygorcewicz! ♥ I’ll actually be cheering you on from the sidelines this year, rather than from my cozy warm bed like most years! So you’d better run fast!

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