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Weekend Market Picks: YOU tell ME Your Favorites!

So, it’s almost 2AM. I finished a 13 hour work day (grueling but huge progress made, thanks for asking). I’m trying to ignore everyone talking about the heat because there’s not much I can do about it except take another shower.  I’m not sure what the weather has in store for us this weekend, and I know the heat can be very dangerous. So I thought I would do something different this week.

I would love to hear from YOU which markets or market sellers you love and why. Please post your insights and inspirations below or on my Facebook Page. I really want to know what you are thinking. If I hear from enough people, I will compile them into a story for the blog. If you have photos to share, I want those too. You can email them to me at or post them to Facebook.

This little project is inspired by Humans of New York, an incredible endeavor by photographer Brandon, who captures the very essence of people in beautiful images and poignant quotes.

Sidewalk Chalk My First Book Signing, Brookyn Indie Market in MaySidewalk Chalk My MaryAnne made this sidewalk chalk sign for my very first Book Signing at the Brookyn Indie Market in May  2010.

MaryAnne Loverme made this sidewalk chalk sign for my very first Book Signing at the Brooklyn Indie Market in May 2010. It brought in an entire group of colleagues from WQXR who were heading to brunch on Smith Street. My book was a premium for WQXR’s spring pledge drive, and it was such a huge honor all around.

I have one other inspiration to share as well. I actually just got home from a wonderful farewell party for jewelry designer MaryAnne Loverme of Wabisabi Brooklyn, who is moving to LA to seek her fortune on the Left Coast. She has been a pillar of the markets community, and I have loved running into her at the Brooklyn Flea, the Bust Craftacular, the Etsy New York Street Team events, and countless others. I even ran into her jewelry designs when I serendipitously walked by the Mu$eum of American Finance downtown. (It’s actually a much more interesting museum than it sounds.)

Tonight’s party was a veritable Who’s Who in the jewelry and design community. I don’t want to leave anybody out, but if you’ve come across something in the market that you really really loved, odds are that the person who made it was at tonight’s party for MaryAnne. It’s a uniquely talented and incredibly nice community of which to be a part.

I wish you nothing but safe travels and good luck, MaryAnne. LA is going to love you. But you’ll always be a Brooklyn girl to me. And thank you for my sign. I’ll always love it — and my Wabisabi Brooklyn necklace with my favorite Paris subway station on it!

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

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