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West Elm Launches New Line By Claudia Pearson Today

So, here’s a story that I know and love.  Last March, national home decor retailer West Elm organized an evening of shopping with a group of wonderful local artisans who sell their handmade designs on  Among them was Claudia Pearson, a wonderful illustrator who sells her work at the Brooklyn Flea and on Etsy in the form of tea towels, decorative prints, greeting cards, and coloring books.

That very evening, the leadership from West Elm invited Claudia to produce a line of kitchen and tableware for their summer season.  I stopped by to say hello to Claudia right after she received the invitation, and I was so impressed and happy for her.

And I am thrilled to let you know that the line launches TODAY!

I commend West Elm for working with real artisans, especially in a world where intellectual property is so vulnerable.  I recently wrote a series about protecting IP in fashion and design about another market-based designer, and I greatly appreciate West Elm for having integrity and doing things the right way for everyone — and for retaining their Brooklyn spirit!

Congratulations, Claudia!

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