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What Are You Waiting For? Go Get Your Knives Sharpened!

Samurai Knife Sharpening in Chelsea Market

Samurai Knife Sharpening in Chelsea Market

This is my annual reminder that Thanksgiving is infinitely more enjoyable when your knives are sharp. And I’m not talking about taking aim at annoying guests who spill the gravy and gobble up all the stuffing before you’ve had your fair share.

I’m talking about all the dicing and chopping and slicing and carving.

Margery Cohen, the expert behind Samurai Sharpening Service, has been sharpening our knives for over a decade. She sets up her table every Wednesday and Saturday from 12 noon till 6PM, at the entrance to Bowery Kitchen Supply (another mandatory stop for all your Thanksgiving kitchen accoutrements) inside Chelsea Market.

Margery sharpens all kinds of knives by hand, and she has a grinder for the more stubborn individuals. She can also sharpen serrated knives, scissors and mezzalunas. If your knife is dinged or bent, she can make it true again. Margery’s prices are incredibly reasonable – $2 for a small knife and up to $10 for a large one.

My favorite part is hanging out with her while she works, watching the parade of New York chefs pick up or drop off their knives and stop for a chat with Margery. I like to see what kind of knives they use.

Naturally, this is a very busy time for knife sharpening, so get there as early as you can with your knives in a case or wrapped in a dishtowel. You can drop off your knives with Margery and then go have lunch in the Market, or shop for all the rest of your Thanksgiving ingredients.

By the time you’re finished, your knives will be Samurai sharp. (Seriously – be careful!)

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

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