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What I Ate At Smorgasburg In Prospect Park

Crowds of food lovers at Smorgasburg in Prospect Park

Sunshine, cool spring air, happy people, and so many amazing things to eat and drink – that about sums up my day at Smorgasburg Food Market in Prospect Park today with my friend Deb and a lot of other people from Brooklyn and beyond. After meeting so many amazing new food vendors at the Smorgasburg press tasting in March (on my birthday, in fact), it was great to see everyone in action on this incredibly beautiful day in Prospect Park.

There was another pretty important event going on nearby, and so there were a lot of hungry people strolling through the market, talking about things they saw, and finally making their selections. Here are a few things I saw and ate today. (Click images for links – and then click bach here to see the next image!)

One of life’s little choices… (there was some other event going on nearby. 😉

Vegan Phatty Melt from Chickpea & Olive – always my first stop because it’s soooo goooood!

Big Mozz Pizza – There’s a new fire roasted pizza in town!

Big Mozz Pesto Pizza

Goa Taco: tofu banh mi taco, shiitake mushroom pate, crunchy veg, and peanuts – YUM! (Thanks, Krista!)

Beauty and the Coconut from Excell Eatery

Special Coconut Disposal

Rubyzaar Baked’s Chocolate Earl Grey Rice Krispie Roll is incredible

My soft spot for Butter & Scotch’s Bacon Maple Mini cupcake

Chocolate Cocoa Nib Donut from Dough

Rubyzaar Earl Grey Chocolate Egg Cream

True Love Forever, or at least till the ice cream is gone: Deb and her Blue Marble Chocolate Cone

 ~Karen Seiger, Markes of New York City

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