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Word Cloud and Poetry at the Markets

Happy New Year!!!  I hope you had a great holiday season!  I purchased every single gift this year at the wonderful holiday markets all over town, starting with an antique Bavarian porcelain tea cup from the Greenflea that I sent my mom for her sacred afternoon tea, and finishing with a handmade sock monkey hat from the Union Square Holiday Market for my niece.  And lucky for me, all of my gifts came from the markets too, from fingerless gloves to several amazing and gorgeous pieces of jewelry, which I will model for a future post.

The Greenmarkets and stalwart flea markets have been open the entire season, bless them.  And the artisan and other specialty markets are starting to wake up again for 2011.  I hope the makers and vendors take some time in January and February to relax and recover — and restock — before the markets really start up in the springtime.

So I just thought I’d check in and post this Markets Word Cloud, which is a fun way to show recent trends and key words on the Markets of New York City blog.  I love some of the words that came up big: Market, Delicious, Treats, Holiday, and Chocolates And some sweet smaller words show up too, like pickles, husband, crispy, and tea.  There are word combinations are actually quite poetic:

Colorful Ribbons Maybe Sweet

Last Drink Next

Citytime Husband

Wonderwhip Chocolates

Heart Hope Drinker

Lovely New Cheer

Many markets are open for us to explore and shop at this weekend, despite snowflakes the size of hamsters.  Union Square Greenmarket is open for business.  The Brooklyn Flea is open all weekend at One Hanson Place.  And Artists and Fleas has a new home at 70 North 7th (between Wythe & Kent).

Looking forward to another spectacular year of creativity, design, deliciousness and inspiration at the Markets of New York City!

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