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Yee Haw Industries: A Sign for the Times

Yee Haw Industries‘ hand-printed letterpress signs, cards, tea towels and posters are a combination of down-home country humor, wicked wit, a touch of irony, and master printmaking craftsmanship.  The Yee Haw Brain Trust consists of Julie Belcher and Kevin Bradley, who spend their holidays at the city’s markets, including the Jingle Market and the Bust Holiday Craftacular in 2010.  They are based in Knoxville, Tennessee, but they may as well be New Yorkers.

They recently created the hot red devil poster for the 2011 NYChili Fest.  You can get an original print of that poster for $20 at Dickson’s Farmstand Meats in Chelsea Market, plus their Chili Fest t-shirts.

I first saw their large posters in a major exhibit in Chelsea Market in 2009, and their work with type print specimens me away.  For Christmas in 2009, I did a bit of gift shopping in Yee Haw’s bins, including a “Carve that Possum” sign for my brother-in-law, who placed it gracefully at the top of the tree.  Of course, I have two of their farmers market posters (purple onion and cabbage), which will soon be hanging in my new kitchen.  And their tea towel that says, “You’re the Cream in My Coffee,” was the sentimental favorite at Christmas this year.

Shop on Yee Haw’s Etsy Shop for Valentine’s Day Cards!  They’re sweet as Tupelo honey.  (All their products are also eco friendly too!)


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