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A Unicorn Grows In Brooklyn – And Opens Her Own Store

Unicorns Welcome at the New Brooklyn Owl Store with Owner Annie Bruce (Photo by Michelle Danahy)

Kindred Spirits at Brooklyn Owl (photo by Taylor Bringard)

I know unicorns are a ‘thing’ now, but I’ve loved them for a long, long, long time before now. So there. Mermaids too.

However, I never thought I could actually BE a unicorn — until I met Annie Bruce, owner of Brooklyn Owl. Annie has magical powers to turn us all into unicorns. She makes the sweetest, most wonderful felt unicorn horns in all colors, some with sparkles, some without, some even rainbow colored. They come in four sizes too, as do many unicorns.

I bought pink horns for my nieces, and they could not stop wearing them. They wore them to school the very next day, and one of the horns got lost. So many tears fell, until I promised that I knew where unicorn horns are made. See? Magic.

Annie has a very successful Etsy store, and she sells in artisan markets around the city. She is also a member of the NY Handmade Collective (formerly known as the Etsy NY Street Team). And now we can all be magical unicorns together any day of the week as Annie opens her brick-and-mortar store! The store’s Grand Opening Weekend event is this coming weekend. Meet a real, live unicorn at noon and spin the prize wheel all day long!

WHAT: Brooklyn Owl Store’s Grand Opening Weekend!

WHERE: 252 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, may 6 and 7, 2017, 12PM – 5PM.

So be there and be a unicorn with us!

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Brooklyn Owl Annie Bruce Among Her Wonderful Creations (photo by Michelle Danahy)

Like Mother Like Daughter! (Photo by Michelle Danahy)

Brooklyn Owl Store’s Magical Experiences (photo by Michelle Danahy)

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