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American Crafts At Lincoln Center: Handmade Shopping At Its Best

The American Crafts Festival at Lincoln Center opened for its 2014 summer event last weekend, and it is back again for the second weekend. Sponsored by the American Concern for Art and Craftsmanship, this show features hundreds of fantastic American craftspeople from New York and across the country.

I really love this craft show for the quality and diversity of the handmade products there, and also for the beautiful setting. The artisan tents are set up on both sides of the Metropolitan Opera House.

Last weekend, I went with my friend Bill to Lincoln Center. We found so many beautifully designed crafts, and we had wonderful conversations with the people who make them. Learning the stories behind hand made objects makes them so much more valuable to me.

I thought I’d highlight three of the craft artisans I met last weekend, and I encourage you to visit this craft show on Saturday or Sunday. I am proud to say that Bill was so impressed that he had me write up a description of Crafts at Lincoln Center for this weekend’s Turn Down Letter at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, to be placed on every guest’s pillow throughout the hotel.

The first booth we visited was Cool Hair Things. I’ve been lamenting the absence of handmade hair clips in the markets, and then I found these beautiful and clever hair clips that truly keep your hair in place. The maker showed me how they work by putting my hair up into not one, but two different styles. What makes these clips so clever is the engineering and design. The ornamental figure 8 is slightly flexible so that it molds to your braid or twist. The stick that goes through the back is actually connected to the top part, so it is easy to maneuver through your hair, and you can’t drop it. I’ll be back for more because I regret buying just one.

Visit Cool Hair Things in Booth D057.

“Cool Hair Things” – Cleverly designed, handmade hair clips at Crafts at Lincoln Center

Cool Hair Things – Maker and designer Bill Graham did my hair to demo his clips. Now that’s just good service!

I was honored and a little star struck when I met jewelry designer Joan Michlin herself. I’ve admired her fine, high end jewelry designs for many years. My sister Andrea has loved her work for even longer than I have. Joan’s designs are fresh, geometric, whimsical and absolutely beautiful. One of her brilliant signature designs is the Earring Jacket. Essentially, you can slip any of your own stud earrrings, or any one of Joan’s, through the earring jacket to enhance the stone or pearl, or change your whole look. So smart, right?

Visit Joan Michlin Fine Art Jewelry in Booth N213.

It was an honor to meet Fine Jewelry Designer Joan Michlin in person.

Joan Michlin’s Silhouette Earring Jacket with a Teal Topaz Stud

Joan Michlin’s colleague Anne Richards modeling a gorgeous necklace and earring set

The third designer I wanted to highlight is Cristina Peixoto. I have seen a lovely range of crocheted and woven metal jewelry, and Cristina’s work takes it to the next level.

She crochets metal wire and beads in such fabulous ways, including flowers, braids, chains and other complex designs. What struck me is that the bold necklaces and bracelets are statement pieces that also have a distinct lightness to them. Her color combinations are stunning and unexpected. I love her crocheted chains that are all metal. She also makes crocheted metal evening clutches that can and should be carried straight next door into Avery Fisher Hall.

Visit Jewelry Designer Cristina Peixoto this weekend in Booth N216.

Crocheted Floral Necklace by Cristina Peixoto

Stunning Crocheted Metal Collar by Cristina Peixoto

Jewelry Designer Cristina Peixoto and her husband John Wallner at Crafts on Columbus

 ~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

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