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Artist PJ Cobbs Paints the Places and People We All Know And Love

Iconic Katz’s Deli by Artist PJ Cobbs

I caught up with Artist PJ Cobbs shopping in the Greenmarket recently

Sometimes art is beautiful. Sometimes it strikes a chord with the person admiring it. With the paintings and collages by PJ Cobbs Arts, it is a combination of both.

PJ uses painting, photography and collage techniques in her images of iconic New York places, personalities and experiences. She paints classic institutions, like Katz’s Deli (above) and places that have become beloved more recently, like Momofuku Milk Bar in the East Village. She paints landmarks like the Washington Square Arch, the Empire State Building and the Bow Bridge. She also creates images of favorite New York activities, like ice skating Central Park and enjoying the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade — with Mr. Potato Head (see below.)

You will also see characters that you recognize, like the Naked Cowboy in Times Square and that guy who walks around with a cat on his head near Union Square.

PJ has had a fascinating career as a journalist, which I believe gave her a trained eye on the world. Now she tells the story of a city through her artwork. She can capture a moment in the street, or a heartload of nostalgia in a single image. I’ve heard people in her booth wax sentimental over her image of the 2nd Avenue Deli. (When you go see her, ask her about the New York personality who makes an appearance in that image.)

Holiday Ornaments by PJ Cobbs Arts

Her images are available as small prints or very large ones. She also has jewelry and keychains, and even holiday ornaments this time of year. You may be lucky enough to snag an original painting or collage. She also has a single lamp featuring the “Imagine” memorial to John Lennon at Strawberry Fields in Central Park. The lamp is a collaboration between PJ and Terri Peikin, aka The Steampunk Illuminist. It’s beautiful, it’s one of a kind, and it may still be available. Go find out and let me know that you took it home.

If you have a particular subject you’d like to see her create, go have a chat with her. I can’t guarantee it, but she may consider making an image of it for you.

You can meet PJ Cobbs in person through December 27th at the Made In Philadelphia Holiday Market, located in Dilworth Park right next to City Hall in Philly. She’ll be back at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg regularly. Follow PJ Cobbs Arts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

~ Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

PJ Cobbs in her shop at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Rainbows in Washington Square by PJ Cobbs

Tulips near Madison Square Park – a collage by PJ Cobbs

The Apollo Theater, PJ Cobbs Arts

PJ Cobbs paints familiar places and scenes, like this meeting at the Bedford Street subway station

PJ Cobbs painted the Naked Cowboy in Times Square

You know who this is if you’ve ever seen him around Union Square with his human – by PJ Cobbs Arts

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade with Mr. Potato Head – by PJ Cobbs Arts

PJ Cobbs Arts Key Chains – The Perfect Souvenir

Imagine Art as Jewelry – for the Holidays by PJ Cobbs Arts

Imagine Steampunk Lamp, a collaboration between PJ Cobbs Arts and The Steampunk Illuminist

“Imagine” by Artist PJ Cobbs

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