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Bite Into A Gorgeous Santa Rosa Plum from Caradonna Farms

Santa Rosa Plums  - 2013-10-16 at 17-17-09

Just look at these beauties! I learned from this article in the LA Times that Santa Rosa Plums were bred and introduced to the US market in 1906. They are plump, sweet, and absolutely gorgeous.

You will find them more frequently in farmers markets today than in grocery stores, as their popularity has dropped over the decades as farmers produce larger types of plums. Luckily for us here in New York, Caradonna Farms has them this season at the Union Square Greenmarket!

I was initially drawn to the a box of dark Italian plums, which I may write about later, but these Santa Rosa’s were glowing with shades of red, purple, pink and orange. (They grey is a naturally occurring yeast and nothing to worry about.)

You can let them ripen until they are soft and bite right into them. Or you can cook them into a compote with brown sugar and a dash of lemon and cinnamon, and serve it over ice cream or waffles. But plum tarts are my very favorite kind of tarts. So if you make one of those, invite me over! Or at least share your favorite plum tart recipe!

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

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