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Chicago Style: Meet The Elegant Ladies of The Windy City

Grace Napoleon of Folk Couture at the One of a Kind Show in Chicago

In December, 2014, I went with my friend Grace Napoleon, of Folk Couture, to the One Of A Kind Show (OOAK) in Chicago.

The show was phenomenal. It was wonderful to meet designers and makers from all over the country. There’s so much innovation and energy in every state. Not everyone has the ability to sell in markets like ours in New York, but events like OOAK and e-commerce make it possible for so many people to earn a real living doing what they love.

What struck me was that the shoppers were having so much fun! There was some “day drinking” going on, I’m not going to lie. But mostly it was girlfriends, moms and daughters, out shopping together and picking up some amazing handmade wares.

So I started asking if I could take their pictures.

Here are some of the elegant ladies whom I met, in all their fabulous, deep-dish, Chicago style!

Friends with Hats: Julie and Marion

Norma: She owns a Coffee Shop

Gail: She came looking for the perfect scarf to match her blue sweater –and found it

Daughter and Mother: Tracy and Marge

Beth: Loved her bright orange lipstick

Stylish Peepers: Sisters Roberta and Karen (and my dear friends!)

Fun With Friends: Kathy and Donna

Fresh, Not From Concentrate: Karen

Designers: Laura and Jodi (www.MountainHides.com)

Gallery Owner: Jane

Sisters: Elizabeth and Robin

Elf Twins: Sandy and Sue, who win for Best Christmas Sweaters In The Entire Universe

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

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