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Even the Heat Can’t Dampen the Fun at the Union Square Market

Yesterday’s heat advisory dampened t-shirts all over town, but it certainly did not dampen the energy at the Union Square’s Saturday Greenmarket!  The fruits, vegetables, seafood, bread, honey, jam and so much more remained cool and fresh under the tents.  James and I were out on our Summer Markets Book Tour, spending the day with the Greenmarkets/GrowNYC team and meeting market shoppers from across New York City and the world – Australia, England, Spain, and Mexico!

I’ve posted 10 of my favorite photos of the day, taken by James, featuring the energy and colors of the markets.  We even enjoyed an extended visit from a butterfly, who landed on one of the chefs from the Natural Gourmet Institute as they prepared a food demo of blueberry cornmeal pancakes.  I guess even a butterfly can’t resist a home made pancake.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi, especially my friends Chris and Lucinda, Joseph and Miss Molly the Min Pin (pictured), Lauren and Lauren, and Jen!  And a huge thank you to Market Manager Tara and her team, and to GrowNYC for your hospitality yesterday and for your wonderful service to the city!  Follow Union Square Greenmarket on Twitter (@unsqgreenmarket).

And now I’m off to the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market for the afternoon!  It’s going to be another wonderful day at the Markets of New York City!


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