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Fall Bounty Brings Eggplants Galore from Eckerton Hill Farm

Eggplant Cornucopia from Eckerton Hill Farm

Eggplant Cornucopia from Eckerton Hill Farm

Today, I was shopping for tonight’s Dîner En Blanc when I saw theses colorful eggplants overflowing from their baskets under the Eckerton Hill Farm tent at at the Union Square Greenmarket.

If you read their “about” page, you will find that Eckerton Hill Farm has its origins in a few tomato seedlings on a Brooklyn rooftop 15+ years ago. Now, “the farm sits on 58 hillside acres overlooking the fertile Oley Valley of Berks County, Pennsylvania.”

From left to right in the picture above, the featured beauties are the small and tasty fairy tale eggplants, the more robust rosa bianca eggplant, and amarillo oro melons. I have panfried the small fairy tale eggplants. The rosa biancas are great for grilling and making babaganouj. The melons are rich and yellow on the inside.

Eckerton Hill Farm offers some glorious events, including an upcoming Oley Valley Farm Tour and The Radiant You Wellness Retreat and Dinner, both on September 29, 2013. How amazing is that?!

And while we are talking eggplant, check out a video I made a while ago, The Beautiful Taste of Purple:

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