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For Mother’s Day: Lolafalk Designs For The Stylish Traveler

Lola Falk with Stella Travel Clutch

Lolafalk handbags, wallets and accessories make me happy!

These designs remind me of the gorgeous, colorful artisan markets of Guatemala and Mexico. If I had my way, everything in my home would be hot pink, orange, purple and green. Well, maybe not everything, but a lot of things would be. (Alas, marriage is all about compromise.. and not blinding your partner.)

Lauren “Lola” Falkowski’s leather and fabric products not only look lovely, but they are very clever and practical. I am highlighting the Stella Wallet Travel Clutch because it is an example of outstanding design, and, well, I love anything to do with travel. The clutch can carry your keys and coins, 6 credit cards, your phone, your passport, other travel documents and your cash. It also has a clever grip strap on the outside to keep it secure in your hand.

Visit Lolafalk on Etsy, or stop by and try on all the wonderful bags in person at her space in The Market NYC. She will also be at Crafts on Columbus for Mother’s Day Weekend (May 11 & 12, 2013).

I can’t imagine what mom wouldn’t cherish a beautiful, handmade bag or wallet for Mother’s Day!

Also, Lolafalk is donating 10% of all sales in 2013 to Handbags of Hope, a wonderful organization that “provides basic necessities, education, support and advocacy to end domestic and sexual violence and to promote a safe environment for all.”

~ Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Beautiful leather with zipper pocket

Beautiful leather and a zipper pocket

Inside Lola Falk Travel Wallet

Inside Lolafalk Travel Wallet

Secure Grip Strap on the Stella Travel Wallet Clutch

Secure Grip Strap on the Stella Travel Wallet Clutch

More Brilliant Colors from Lola Falk

More Brilliant Colors from Lolafalk

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