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Fresh Lavender For Your Summery Home

Whether you are heading to the Hamptons or simply leaving your windows wide open in this glorious early summer weather, putting out a bundle of fresh lavender will make your home look, smell and feel like summer is finally here to stay for a while.

Lavender By The Bay is a wonderful lavender farm in East Marion, Long Island. You can visit the farm and pick your own bundle of newly blooming English lavender. Or you can stop by their tent at the Union Square Greenmarket. They have large and small bunches of dried lavender, as well as live plants right now. Or you can pick up some handmade lavender sachets for your linen drawers.

I especially love it when they sprinkle lavender buds on the ground at Union Square. As people walk by, their steps release the smell of lavender into the market, which infinitely more pleasant than the things we usually step on in the city.

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