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I Cannot Get Enough Of These Glorious Spring Blooms In the Greenmarkets

Hiya, Hyacinths!

All I want to do is walk through Union Square and enjoy all the beautiful flowers available. Spring is great that way. The colors are incredible – pinks, yellows, lavenders, purples, whites, orange, red – you name it, you can find a flower in that color.

Here are some of lovely posies that agreed to let me photograph them. I could not have asked for more beautiful models. Except maybe for the Araucana eggs nearby, but that’s for another day and another story.


Fabulous Fuchsia

Popping Peonies

Happy Geraniums

I look forward to seeing this bucket of tulips every year!

Arm full of Lilacs

Fields of Yellow – Anyone know what flower this is?

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

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