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ID Pop Shop Celebrates Its 2nd Anniversary

James is heading to the markets while I’m visiting family in San Diego, and he stopped by Chelsea Market to help celebrate ID Pop Shop‘s 2nd anniversary and to see another great lineup of designers for this week’s market. Many designers were featuring new products, and James even met a few new artisans. For example, there are clever New York-themed door mats from Vernakular, some great new handbags from Elaine Arsenault with their always stunning inner linings, and dresses from Nature vs Future that would be perfect as presents for me.  While he was there, James purchased some wonderful graphic, hand-finished cards celebrating New York and Paris from new maker Verrier Boutique.

Visit these  and over 20 great designers at ID Pop Shop through Sunday, June 23rd. If you see James, make sure he picks me up a little something!

Barbara Wilkinson Jewelry

NYC Doormats by Vernakular Photo Design

Elaine Arsenault Handmade Bags

Stunning Red Dress by Nature vs. Future

Lovely Handmade Cards by Verrier Boutique

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