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INSIDERS1: Support Your World Cup Team With Handmade Pride

INSIDERS1 Arrivals B. for World Cup

I am supporting Brazil to win the World Cup! Sorry, USA, but that’s just the way I roll. My family lived in Rio de Janeiro when I was a kid, and I never got over the excitement in the entire city when Brazil scored a goal. When they won a game, it was mayhem in the streets. When Argentina lost, the crowds got even louder!

INSIDERS1 Leather Pouch Brazil2

So I was thrilled when I got the news that INSIDERS1 had prepared special handmade products to celebrate the World Cup right here in New York!

INSIDERS1 Owners Sigal de-Mayo and Fabio Otalora make all their products by hand in a their factory at the Brooklyn Navy Yards. They design and create a smart and practical range of bags to suite any need, from leather wrist pouches and clutches, to totes and messenger bags. They also make wallets, money clips and leather journal covers. Stylish leather belts are the newest addition to their line.

Sigal’s photographic art collages are printed directly onto the Italian leather. She designs the bags and accessories to be practical & attractive. The products feature beautiful, iconic and unexpected images of six major cities: New York, Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris and Rome. What I love most about all their products is that they get better and better with age. The leather gets softer, and the images get a little worn without losing their vividness or impact.

Insiders1 Sigal de Mayo with NEW Photo Collage Belts

Insiders1 Sigal de Mayo with NEW Photo Collage Belts

And now Insiders1 have made their 2014 World Cup Collection! Fabio was born in Colombia and is a professional soccer player. So he had the vision to plan this fantastic World Cup line of messenger bags, leather book covers and now iPhone cases featuring the flags of 32 participating countries. Sigal combined the flag of each country, the emblem of the national team, a soccer ball and some beautiful textures to create bright and distinctly stylized images to commemorate this global sporting event.

Antonio Patriota, Permanent Representative of Brazil to the UN, and his wife Tania Patriota recently invited UN ambassadors from the 32 countries that are participating in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, to their mission to celebrate the event. They ordered 32 journals with Sigal’s World Cup art collages, one for each of their guests. Brazilians are currently the world’s best hosts.

Insiders1 USA Flag World Cup messenger Bag

If you are a soccer fan, you cannot miss out on these beautiful, handmade World Cup mementos. The Brazilian, US and French ones are going fast, so if you see the one you want, grab it. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait until they make more. As they make each one by hand, they are able to keep up with the roster and produce just enough of each country’s flag as the tournament progresses.

Visit the INSIDERS1 Boutique at Artists & Fleas in Chelsea Market on 10th Ave. & 15 st., open 7 days a week, 10am and 9pm (8pm on Sundays). Or enjoy shop online at They’re offering free worldwide shipping and a 15% discount until July 13th, 2014!

Support your team and carry your pride!

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Insiders1 Photo Collage Leather Wrist Pouches

Insiders1 Photo Collage Leather Wrist Pouches

INSIDERS1 Cross Body Leather Bags

INSIDERS1 Cross Body Leather Bags



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