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Made in the Shades: Killer Glasses by Lucky Selectism

Lucky Selectism Black Glasses

If you wear glasses every day, why would you only have a single pair? The way I see it, pun intended, you should have at least three pairs to wear for different occasions, or just to switch things up occasionally.

I recommend hightailing it straight over to the new Lucky NY Selectism boutique (opening this weekend at 95 Rivington Street). I met co-owners Carolyn Han and Heewon Kim at the November ID Pop Shop in Chelsea Market.

Their glasses are stunning, shiny eye candy. By that, I mean they are great looking in and of themselves, and they make everyone who wears them instantly stylish. I fell in love with the quality of these glasses, which come as sunglasses and also with clear frames. You can wear them as accessories, or you can put in prescriptive lenses.

Lucky Selectism's Modern Aviators

Lucky Selectism’s Modern Aviators

The styles, colors and textures of these designs are absolutely gorgeous too. You can find sleek lacquered or matte finishes in classic blacks, browns and tortoise, as well as mustard and deep red. The classic aviators have a modern twist, almost like a tailfin. The ear pieces have secret designs that only you, the person wearing them, will know about, like inlays and color swaths. Every detail is beautifully conceived, including the secret Lucky logo on the tip of the earpiece where it meets the frame. You have to see them yourself to appreciate the clever detailing.

Originally from Korea, Carolyn and Heewon are partners in business and in marriage. She graduated from FIT, and she is the head designer at Lucky. Heewon’s family makes the frames in China. Normally, I only write about products made in the NYC area. But I make an exception for these frames because they are designed in New York and because they have so many touches that reflect the care and creativity of the designs and the manufacturing.

Carolyn also creates seasonal accessories. This season, it’s bowties! These unisex pieces are range from stylish yet safe for work to metallic embellished with chains and beads. Heewon actually went to school with Psy, of Gangnam Style fame. Psy wore a Lucky Selectism bowtie to the Costume Institute Gala at the Met in May 2013. That makes me one degree from Psy. Or is it two?

Join me in congratulating Carolyn and Heewon on their new store opening! And definitely stop by to try on some killer glasses.

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Heewon Kim & Carlyn Han, Co-Owners of Lucky Selectism

Heewon Kim & Carlyn Han, Co-Owners of Lucky Selectism, at ID Pop Shop

Wood textured glasses by Lucky Selectism

Wood textured glasses by Lucky Selectism

Lucky Selectism's beautiful collection displayed on a door from Heewon's grandfather's home

Lucky Selectism’s beautiful collection displayed on a door from Heewon’s grandfather’s home

This is the Lucky Selectism bowtie worn by Psy at the Met Costume Institute Gala

This is the Lucky Selectism bowtie worn by Psy at the Met Costume Institute Gala.(Click the image to check him out!)



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