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Mermaid Parade: A Day for the Big Mermaids To Come Out And Play

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2014_____

The Mermaid Parade was awesome!!!

My sister Andrea came to town to go to the Coney Island USA Mermaid Parade with me. Our grandfather loved Coney Island when he was a kid, and I have no doubt he would have loved the parade. He would have been shocked, of course, but he’d have loved it nonetheless.

There was so much creativity, and everybody in or watching the parade was 100% in the mermaid spirit. We also learned the secret to getting up close from Rhonda Kave, a true mermaid, as you can see below. If you’re nice, maybe I’ll share the secret with you next year.

Here are a bunch of photos. I focused on individual mermaids to see the details on their witty, handmade fishtails and baubles. Enjoy!

Rhonda has mermaid hair (Rhonda Kave of Roni-Sue’s Chocolates)

She was wearing seaweed. He was wearing the Brazilian flag.

Mr. and Mrs. Neptune

Blue Haired Merman

Lost Beads at the Mermaid Parade

Silver Mermaid and her Merpup

Floating Jellyfish

My vote for Best Dressed at the Mermaid Parade

Sailors were there too

Sea Monster

Zombie Mermaid

Crabby Guy

Mermaid Parade Glitter

Octopus Mermaid

Manta Ray – Mermaid Parade

Selfie: Roni-Sue and Me

Dancing Green Mermaid

Selfie with Sis and Roni-Sue (Andrea Seiger, Rhonda Kave, Karen Seiger)

Acrobat Jellyfish

Shake your fishtail!

Dancing Shellfish Mermaid

Another beautiful dancing mermaid

Mermaid Chariot


Naked Cowgirl at the Mermaid Parade

My sister Andrea Seiger with Mermaid Earrings

Save the Seahorse Drawn Carriages

Neon Orange Mermaid

Big Kiss – Mermaid Parade

Jumbo Shrimp Girl

My vote for Best Dressed at the Mermaid Parade

Redheaded Zombie Mermaid

Cotton Candy Cloud – At the Mermaid Parade

Sole Train

FDNY at the Mermaid Parade – Nice gig if you can get it!

Coney Dogs – Merpuppies

Fabulous Diva Mermaids

Allison Kave from First Prize Pies has mermaid just like her mom!

Strongman Mike Greenstein, son of The Mighty Atom and still pulling trucks with his teeth at age 93!

After the parade: Mermaids can only be out of water for so long.

Mermaid Mementos

Dreamy Jellyfish Merman

Mr. and Mrs. Neptune

Mermaid Bus Anti-Fracking Party Bus

Blue Skies over the Mermaid Anti-Fracking Party Bus

Mermaid Parade: The End

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

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