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Mermaids in Manhattan

Hells Kitchen Flea Mermaid

I have such a soft spot for mermaids. Always have. In fact, my final act of rebellion of the last millennium was to get a tiny tattoo of a mermaid on my shoulder. You’ll probably never see her, but I think she’s great.

During my last visit to the Hell’s Kitchen Flea, I saw this beautiful creature. I’m pretty sure she’s not vintage, but she’s a classic. She would look lovely on a mantle or a book shelf. A reminder that we do live on an island, even when the temps start dipping into the 40’s! (Remember this?)

Hell’s Kitchen Flea is open 9AM – 5PM weekends year-round on West 39th between 9th & 10th Avenue. It’s one of our great markets. Get there early and then go to the West Way Diner, one of my top 2 favorite diners, for breakfast or lunch.

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

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