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More Fun and Innovations from Wacky Magnets

Wacky Magnets Caroline Smith

Wacky Magnets Owner and Maker Carolyn Smith with the Markets of New York City Guidebook

Last Sunday, I paid a visit to one of the cleverest, most innovative and industrious makers I know, Carolyn Smith of Wacky Magnets. Carolyn has been such an inspiration to me since we met while I was researching and writing the Markets of New York City guidebook. Wacky Magnets is on page 46.

Wacky Magnets There is No Place Like New York

Wacky Magnets: There is No Place Like New York

Carolyn’s true wit comes out in her collection of funny refrigerator magnets. She has enough different ones to cover an entire refrigerator door. Alternatively, if less is more in your kitchen or office filing cabinet, I guarantee that you will find the perfect magnet to reflect your personality, your quirks (you know you have them), or your new favorite joke.

We have one Wacky magnet on our fridge, and James chose it. It says, “You can agree with me or be wrong.” See? Perfect.

You know how everyone is obsessed with stainless steel kitchen appliances? The biggest problem with them is that they are not magnetic. So say goodbye to your favorite funny fridge magnets — until now! Carolyn is about to bring out a collection of refrigerator art for stainless steel that uses teensy suction cups instead of magnets. Brilliant, right

Wacky Magnets' Sweet and Innovative Magnetic Paper Dolls

Wacky Magnets’ Sweet and Innovative Magnetic Paper Dolls

Carolyn is also known for her beautiful handmade paper dolls, including sweet little girls, teddy bears, kittens and more. Each figure comes with multiple outfits. Unlike traditional paper dolls, these ones have flat magnets laminated to the characters and to the outfits, so you never have to bother with pesky tabs. Your paper dolls can dance with each other and not worry about their clothes falling off! If you have ever played with paper dolls, you understand what a major breakthrough Caroline has achieved.

You can contact Carolyn via Wacky Magnets online or visit her on Sundays at the Greenflea. She is indoors for the Winter, but you will know she is there if you see her bright bright yellow Wacky Magnets banner on the schoolyard gates at 77th and Columbus Avenue. And don’t tell her you’ll be back because she’s onto you (see her card below). But you’ll always come back because Carolyn and her products are just that much fun.

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Wacky Magnets' Kitty Magnet

Wacky Magnets’ Kitty Magnet – He looks like my kitty

Wacky Magnets For Refrigerators and Filing Cabinets Everywhere

Wacky Magnets For Refrigerators and Filing Cabinets Everywhere

Wacky Magnets' I'll Be Back Card

Wacky Magnets’ I’ll Be Back Card



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