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Photo of the Day 1/15/12: Luscious Sekel Pears from Locust Grove Fruit Farm

Sekel Pears from Locust Grove Fruit Farm

During these frigid winter days, as we recall the sun-warmed blueberries and strawberries bursting with juice of just a few short months ago, we can take comfort in the crisp sweetness of pears.

Harvested in September, the Sekel pear and other winter varieties are cooled and prepared for ripening throughout the season. These golden beauties are from Locust Grove Fruit Farm, a 7th generation family farm in the Hudson River Valley, bringing their produce each week to several markets in the city.

I like to bite into a juicy pear over the kitchen sink or slice it over a bed of mesclun salad with a few chunks of fresh goat cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette.

Remember to treat your pears gently to avoid bruising, and let them ripen on your counter top till they’re perfect.


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