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Photo of the Day, 1/7/2013: Ruis Bread with Wild Onion Cheddar

Wild Onion Cheddar on Ruisbrod

Lunch on Saturday: Crumbly and tangy, sharp cheddar with wild onion from Palatine Valley Diary on untoasted slices of Nordic Breads‘ fresh ruis bread with sunflower seeds. The strong cheese was the perfect foil for the whole grain rye.

I tasted several cheddars from Palatine Valley Dairy at last month’s Chocolate World Expo, and we just opened the wild onion this weekend. (Their cheeses were a wonderful break from all the amazing chocolates I tried at the Expo.)

This open-face sandwich is inspired by the generous samples Nordic Breads provides each week at the Union Square Greenmarket. The loaves are petite but very filling. We had a simple, fresh carrot as our veggie, and we were good till dinnertime.


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