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Photo of the Day – April 19, 2012: Fresh Till Death Vegan Nut Milks

There was a lot of buzz in the crowd about Fresh Till Death nut milks with coffee at the Vegan Shop Up this past weekend. So I had to try them.  My verdict: rich and delicious!

Fresh Till Death nut milks come in sunflower, almond, walnut and brazil nut, and they can be sweetened with fig and dates, date palm sugar, coconut date palm sugar, maple or honey.  Pictured above is the almond milk, which is amazing in chai.  (I’ve been drinking Chai Mookie, which I also found out about at the Vegan Shop Up – more about them soon!)  I also love the dripping red wax seal.

I’m not sure which market they will attend next, but you can always find them at Upright Coffee in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and coming soon to the West Village in Manhattan.

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