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Photo of the Day – July 20, 2010: Lavender By The Bay

Lavender By The Bay brings the charms of the French countryside to the heart of New York City.  They grow twenty varieties of lavender on 10 acres of farmland in East Marion, Long Island, and they bring their wonderful smelling piles of tiny blooms to the Union Square Greenmarket.  I picked up a fresh big bunch of lavender for our office on Monday, and it smells amazing.  This morning I pressed it lightly between my hands to release the scent, and my hands smell like fresh lavender.

The fields and bunches of lavender attract the ever more endangered honeybees, who produce golden, delicious lavender honey.  You can pick up a jar from Lavender By The Bay at the market, as well as beautifully scented sachets to put in your drawers or in your pillowcase for sweet lavender dreams.


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