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Photo of the Day – November 4, 2010: Artist Harriet Faith

I spent a Saturday morning in September at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket signing books and chatting with the good people of Brooklyn.  Afterward, I took a stroll to see the artisans who set up their tables at the entrance to Prospect Park.

The work of Artist Harriet Faith struck a chord with me.  She is a fine artist and jewelry maker.  Her style has a dreamy quality, with layers of colors and images, and different textures.  The subject matter is lovely and imaginative, with streams of consciousness woven throughout.  At the same time, the images are quite accessible.  What might look like a study in color, pattern and texture to one person may be a very pretty series of cats printed on newsprint to another.  I really loved this portrait of an Italian greyhound not only because they are sweet sweet dogs, but the swirls reminded me of traditional Persian art.  I can see also influences of surrealism in her work, such as people with animal attributes.  She prints her artwork on a variety of canvasses – newsprint, sheet music, book pages, opera librettos.

You can find Harriet Faith most Saturdays at the northwest entrance to Prospect Park just beyond the Greenmarket.  Her new website recently launched as well, and she will be adding her jewelry to the site soon, small collages made from layers of objects and images.

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