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Photo of the Day – September 22, 2010: Milk Thistle Organic Dairy

I came across Milk Thistle Organic Dairy at the 82nd St. Greenmarket when I was feeling particularly thirsty and hungry.  I tried a pint bottle of their organic chocolate milk.  It was velvety, rich and creamy, and just sweet and chocolaty enough to balance out the delicious flavor of the milk itself.   Milk does have a flavor in real life.  The processed grocery store milk rarely tastes like anything more than white liquid these days.  But organic milk reminds you of why babies love it so much!

Milk Thistle is a family-owned farm in Ghent, NY.  They use no pesticides or fertilizers, and their cows are free from synthetic hormones and antibiotics.  It is a certified organic farm.  And every cow has a name.  (See Milk Thistle’s site for their Greenmarkets schedule.)


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