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Photos of the Day – September 2, 2010: Peppers from S.&S.O. Produce Farms

Remember that glorious, perfect day last Saturday?  I had the great good fortune to spend it doing a book signing at the Greenpoint Greenmarket in McCarren Park.  One of the larger markets, it has been fully embraced by the community, and it is also the perfect destination for people exploring the Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighborhoods.  I met many nice families and dogs shopping at the market, with Hillary Hawke and the Flipsides playing the perfect plucky market soundtrack on a banjo, a washboard, and a suitcase for a drum.  As usual, the most beautiful things at the market were those that were in peak season.

That day the peppers from S.&S.O. Produce Farms were Best in Show.   They came in all shades of greens, purples, reds, oranges, yellows, and every combination thereof.  The flavors ranged from tasty school lunchy bell peppers to tiny ones that blow steam out of your ears.  I couldn’t pick just one photo to represent the beauty of these peppers or that day itself, so I have posted 4 bonus images from the market.  Bully for you if this is your market.  If it isn’t, then definitely stroll over to McCarren Park on a Saturday very soon.

Thank you to Market Manager Chelsa and GrowNYC for all you do for the neighborhoods of our fair city!

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