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Pop Up New York Hosts Street Fairs That Are Local, Authentic, And Cool

Pop Up New York's  Meatpacking Market in August 2015

Pop Up New York’s Meatpacking Market in August 2015

I participated several years ago in a study conducted by the Center For An Urban Future, New Visions for New York Street Fairs. The general consensus was that many New Yorkers found them to be generic and disruptive to foot and vehicle traffic. Most importantly to me, they detract from local businesses because regular shoppers stay away from the crowds, and often market vendors compete with the local brick and mortar shops, especially food businesses.

Pop Up New York, however, has changed the nature of street fairs into something much more relevant to the neighborhoods where they pop up. Their “Pop Up Fares” provide a wonderful array of local vendors selling great artisanal food and products, with a special effort to engage local brick and mortar shops in each event. You will also find music, performances, games, and picnic tables where you can rest a while and enjoy a snack. They give a percentage of their proceeds to local charities, including health and culture-related organizations.

Frankly, I didn’t believe it till I saw it for myself at the Pop Up Fare in the Meatpacking District last summer. I was happy to fin many outstanding New York vendors whom I know and love, and many new and exciting ones. So check out their upcoming events for yourself — and enjoy:

June 2016

  1. Pop Up Fare – Greenwich Village: Saturday, June 11 Bleecker St (Christopher- Bank St)

  2. Pop Up Fare – Forest Hills: Sunday, June 12, Austin St (Continental- 69th Rd)

  3. Pop Up Fare – Midtown East at Citicorp: Friday, June 17, 54th St (Lexington- 3rd Ave)

  4. Pop Up Fare – Park Slope, Brooklyn: Sunday, June 19, 7th Ave (1st– 6th St)

July 2016

  1. Pop Up Fare – World Financial Center: Sunday, July 24, Liberty St (Broadway- Church St)

August 2016

  1. Pop Up Fare – Meatpacking: Sunday, August 28, Hudson St (13th– 14th)

  2. Pop Up Fare – Tribeca at Citicorp, Tuesday, August 30, Beach St (Greenwich- Collister)

September 2016

  1. Pop Up Fare – Washington Square, Saturday, September 3, Washington Sq N (University Pl- McDougal)

  2. Pop Up Fare – Astoria: Monday, September 5, 30th Ave (34- 38th St)

  3. Pop Up Fare – Long Island City at Citicorp: Thursday, September 8, Court Sq 45th Ave (Jackson Ave- 23rd St)

  4. Pop Up Fare – Upper East: Sunday, September 11, 3rd Ave (72nd– 79th St)

  5. Pop Up Fare – Midtown East, Friday, September 16, E 52nd St (Lexington- 3rd Ave)

  6. Pop Up Fare – Hell’s Kitchen, Saturday, September 17, 9th Ave (44th– 50th St)

  7. Pop Up Fare – Upper East Side: Sunday, September 18, Lexington Ave (E 87th– E 91st St)

  8. Pop Up Fare – Chelsea: Saturday, September 24, 8th Ave (W 14th– W 23rd St)

October 2016

  1. Pop Up Fare – East Village: Saturday, October 1, 3rd Ave (6th– 11th St)

  2. Pop Up Fare – Meatpacking: Sunday, October 2, 13th St (8th Ave- Hudson St)

  3. Pop Up Fare – Long Island City at Citicorp: Thursday, October 6, Court Square, 45th Ave (Jackson Ave- 23rd)

  4. Pop Up Fare – Union Square: Saturday, October 8, University Pl (E 14th St- Waverly Pl)

  5. Pop Up Fare – Williamsburg: Monday, October 10, Bedford Ave (N 3rd– N 12th St)

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City



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