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Press Release: The Ridgewood Artisan and Vintage Market Opens In Queens

The Ridgewood Artisan Market opens in Queens this weekend! Here’s their full press release:

Ridgewood Artisan Market Opens in Queens

Ridgewood Artisan Market Opens in Queens

Hello my name is Sarah Feldman, I am the creator of the Ridgewood Market.

Back in December of 2012, I was selling my jewelry at a regular flea market in Ridgewood. A few artistic vendors and I came to the realization that we needed something more. We needed a place away from resold, mass produced items. Those types of goods are really hard to compete with, without lowering your prices on handmade products.

We yearned for an affordable, local artistic outlet without the high costs of renting a storefront or other artisan fleas around New York City. I know from experience that some fleas can cost around $150 per table. We also wanted a recurrent clientele. So we decided to have our very own artisan market right here in Ridgewood, Queens.

The vision hasn’t really changed as much. The market went from a fun idea to an actual professional business. I had no idea I would be considering hiring interns, drafting up proposals, making sponsorship packages, or posting ads in local papers ever in my life. We have an actual application process vendors have to go through, and we curate specific vendors for our upcoming markets. As of our last market, we have had over 500 people join us in April, and almost 2000 Facebook followers. We have had over one-hundred artisan vendors join us since we started.

Many of our vendors have been with us since the beginning. Our market has a personable approach with a close knit, diverse, artisan community. All our vendors know my name. I find in this digital age, human contact or the feeling you are talking to another person, is very important. Our vendors have created a sort of “six degrees separation” in our neighborhood and elsewhere in the Queens and New York City area. Our event not only helps vendors with their business, but also with networking.

Please join us for our upcoming indoor artisan market on Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 at the famous beer hall, Gottscheer Hall, 11AM – 5pM. You can find at our market local food vendors all the way to handmade and vintage products. Everything is very affordable, and we are always open to having new vendors in the upcoming market dates. We will have at least 50 vendors joining us this month with the hope of music, entertainment, and more!

Sarah Feldman, Head Manager Ridgewood Market: An Affordable Artisan Market Gottscheer Hall 657 Fairview Ave. Ridgewood, NY 11385 [Map] Sunday, June 22, 11 AM til 5 PM



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