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Proudly Displayed: Pop Chart Lab Design in Brazil’s Apple Museum

Henrique Bilbao Apple Museum

Henrique Bilbao, Founder of the Apple Museum in Blumenau, Brazil (center) with Pop Chart Lab’s “The Insanely Great History of Apple” print (left)

Few brands foster the level of devotion and passion that Apple Inc. does. And few companies have literally changed the way humans work, play and interact like Apple. I admit that James and I waited in line for the first iPhone back in 2007, sitting on the sidewalk at Houston and Green for 9 hours. We had a blast. We even had a pizza delivered to our spot on the sidewalk.

Apple Museum in Blumenau, Brazil

Apple Museum in Blumenau, Brazil

But nobody loves Apple like my friend Henrique Bilbao. I met Henrique through my work with the FileMaker Platform (I have a day job), which is a subsidiary of Apple. Henrique is an entrepreneur, and he is also the principal and owner of HiMaker, a FileMaker database consulting company in Blumenau, Brazil.

He also founded his very own Apple Museum.

Henrique started rescuing Apple computers in 2005. When his employer purchased new machines, Henrique could not bare to throw out the old ones. So he started collecting and cataloging all the Apple products that came his way.

Other Apple enthusiasts contributed their hardware to his collection because they knew he would preserve it and keep it safe. By 2014, the collection had become so substantial that he decided to create an actual space in which to display it. And so the Apple Museum, or Museu Apple, was born. It is an impressive collection of over 300 items, including computers, keyboards, mice, drives and other peripherals. I love the dashboard, which graphically depicts the number of items in each category that the museum has and needs.

I knew I was going to meet Henrique in person at the FileMaker Developers Conference in July, and I knew what I had to do. I ordered The Insanely Great History of Apple print from Pop Chart Lab for him and carried it with me to San Antonio.

Pop Chart Lab is an incredible company that I first saw in a holiday market several years ago. They create absolutely brilliant graphic designs from large groups of data, appropriate for this story. The History of Apple poster features “every computer, handheld, peripheral device, software, and operating system released by Apple in the last thirty years.”

Their designs also include The Distinguished Drinkeries of New York CityThe Cartography of Kitchenware is hanging in my kitchen, and I have the t-shirt version of The Giant Size Omnibus of Superpowers. We have an earlier version of the Apple Poster too.

Alessandra, Karen & Henrique and "The Insanely Great History of Apple" by Pop Chart Lab

Alessandra, Karen & Henrique and “The Insanely Great History of Apple” by Pop Chart Lab

Henrique loved the Apple poster. He hugged it like a little baby. (His  awesome wife Alessandra loved it too.) He has proudly hung the poster in the Apple Museum.

Meanwhile, Pop Chart Lab tells me that they will be aiming to update the Apple print sometime in November, “after the expected new iPads and Retina iMacs are out.” It will undoubtedly include the new iPhones too. Much like technologists, even artists experience the excitement and frustration of  staying on top of Apple’s latest developments.

I’m not sure if anyone at Apple knows about the Apple Museum in Brazil, or about Pop Chart Lab’s fantastic graphic featuring every single product they’ve ever made. I do know that Ashton Kutcher bought a copy of it in preparation for his role as Steve Jobs because he tweeted about it. But I will be tweeting this link out to Tim Cook. I’m sure he’ll want to know.

Visit the Apple Museum online. Henrique added me to the list of museum donors because of the Apple poster!  (See if you can find the picture of me in my C3PO dress from Folk Couture). Or better yet, go to Brazil visit the museum in person – Blumenau is a beautiful city.

And definitely look at at everything that Pop Chart Lab makes. You’ll want to remodel your entire apartment with their posters and other amazing products. They will be dong an event at the Apple Store in December (date TBD), so follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr for their updates and fantastic new designs.

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

[Photos provided by Henrique Bilbao and Pop Chart Lab.]

"The Insanely Great History of Apple" Poster by Pop Chart Lab

“The Insanely Great History of Apple” Poster by Pop Chart Lab

Drives and Airports at Brazil's Apple Museum

Drives and Airports at Brazil’s Apple Museum

Recognize any of these computers? From the Museu Apple in Brazil

Recognize any of these computers? From the Museu Apple in Brazil

Early Apple: Mac SE. So cute, right?

Early Apple: Mac SE. So cute, right? At the Apple Museum in Brazil



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