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Snapdragon Originals: Folk Art Inspired Mythical Mermaids

Mermaid Art Dolls by Snapdragon Originals

This is turning out to be Mermaid Week here on Markets of New York City. We’re not going to be in the Coney Island Mermaid Parade as we’d hoped because everyone is just too darn busy (and because our priorities are obviously completely messed up). But we can think about Mermaids in our spare moment, especially if we have beautiful examples nearby.

Like the ones above from Snapdragon Originals: Folk Art Inspired Eclectic Artworks!

Mermaid With A Shell: Hoop Art by Snapdragon Originals

Artisan Nina Shope designs and embroiders wonderfully colorful folk art. She carefully places every single tiny stitch and individual sequin to add character to her hoop art, dolls and ornaments.

When I last saw Nina at Crafts in Chelsea this spring, of course my eyes focused first on her sparkling mermaid dolls. They have sweet sequins for scales on their tales, mother of pearl bikinis and red glass beads for lips. Individually, they are unique and wonderful. A group of them together in a bowl is irresistible.

Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo is another favorite subject at Snapdragon Originals. Nina creates lacy, elaborate portraits of Frida, as well as ultrasuede art dolls featuring her distinctive eye brows and traditional hair styling. I love this one with Diego Rivera on her mind (and her forehead). Nina’s colorful collection of Dia de Los Muertos skeletons is equally inspired.

Visit Nina’s collection in her Etsy shop online, and follow Snapdragon Originals on Facebook for updates on new designs and upcoming events.

If you would like to commission the greatest Frida Kahlo art doll in the world, Nina is waiting to hear from you!

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Frida Kahlo Hoop Art, “Diego On My Mind”

Day of the Dead / Dia De Los Muertos Skull Hoop Art by Snapdragon Originals

“My Heart Is Yours,” Hoop Art by Snapdragon Originals

Mermaid Hoop Art by Snapdragon Originals

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